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Sex, Lies and Miniature Portraits

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The history of fine art is peppered with drama, intrigue, and even sexual innuendo — sometimes at the hands of artists, sometimes at the hands of larger-than-life collectors and sometimes at the hands of thieves and scoundrels. The world of miniature portraits is no exception; and we feature today two rare miniatures that have emerged from a world of drama and intrigue that easily inspires a captivating novel or movie script.

Imagine an opening scene in Rome, for example, where a refined Italian man, a wealthy art collector, is studying a miniature portrait under a magnifying glass while bombs go off overhead or German troops march in the streets below. Imagine this same man then in Germany, meeting with Adolph Hitler and, later that same evening, upon returning to his posh Berlin hotel suite, being met at his door by an attractive young man, a German art dealer who has…

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